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Blessed Easter

My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?

These sorrowful words of the dying Lord Jesus Christ, as He hung dying on the cross. 1000 earlier on King David had write these words My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me? Why are you so far from saving me, from the words of my groaning?” Psalm 22:1. This whole Psalm was an ancient prophecy an ancient prayer that described in great detail the events of Jesus’ death on the cross on Good Friday. These very words describe our Lord Jesus’ intense feeling of loneliness and abandonment by God. Yet it was not because of His own sin that God’s face was hidden from Him, but because of the sin of the world that He bore on the cross.

Most of us have watched movies of Jesus’s persecution that have tried to portray the suffering of Jesus on the cross have been able to some extent capture the physical suffering that Jesus endured. But no single movie can capture the intense spiritual suffering that He endured when the guilt of our sins.

But Good Friday is no funeral day, it is no eulogy in remembrance of a life well spent that is nevertheless over and done. Good Friday is called ‘GOOD’, not because of the terrible deeds that were done to Jesus on the cross, but because through them Jesus purchased our salvation our rescue at the expense of forgoing His own rescue. Good Friday is ‘GOOD’ because Jesus did not remain in the tomb where He lay for three days. Because after death was not too late for God, and God served His innocent Son Jesus with Justice on the third day. Good Friday is “GOOD” because our Saviour is alive and living having defeated death to earn us eternal salvation.

Jesus died, rose again and lives again. Jesus lives so that the Gospel which is the good news of His death and resurrection could be proclaimed and circulated around the world. We’re brought into the amazing fulfilment of God’s promises, and we are connected to the saving acts of righteousness that Jesus did on the cross.

Blessed Easter.

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