Bishop Väisänen Defrocked

Bishop Matti Väisänen

Bishop Matti Väisänen of Luther Foundation Finland (LFF), the Finnish partner to Mission Province in Sweden and Finland, was defrocked on Wednesday 08/11 by the Cathedral Chapter of Tampere Diocese led by Bishop Matti Repo. The basis of defrocking was the episcopal ordination of Väisänen in last March. Prior to this, Väisänen had served as a pastor in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Finland for 46 years, and is a well-known figure in the confessional movement inside the Finnish national church.

Väisänen was called to serve as a bishop in the Mission Province, the care of Finnish pastors and congregations as his primary task. Luther Foundation and Mission Province are reacting to the rapidly increasing liberalism and secularism inside the Scandinavian established churches, the key issues being the ordination of women and – lately – blessing of the same-sex partnerships. For already ten years, it has been practically impossible for candidates refusing to accept female clergy to receive ordination into the pastoral office, while the members of the church with similar conviction find it increasingly difficult to find places to worship in anymore. Luther Foundation has countered this problem by calling and ordaining its own pastors via Mission Province, assigning them with the task of serving new congregations in Finland. Neither these pastors nor the congregations they serve are recognized by the established church.

Attached below are Matti Väisänen’s response to the Cathedral Chapter as well as LFF’s response concerning the defrocking of its Bishop.




5 Responses to Bishop Väisänen Defrocked

  1. Phesto says:

    It is very sad and depressing to see how the Church in Finland and other developed world countries have diverted from the True Holy World Of GOD. Leaders who are supposed to protect, teach and advocate the Word of God, are the ones who are on the front line destroying it, and above all, condemning anybody who would dare to stand and go against the diversion or even ask a question.

    Church office have been overcome by money and self esteem. Theological studies have been turned into some sort of science research, leaders have stopped preaching the True gospel instead they have introduced their own understanding of the word of God.

    This act of defrocking Bishop Matti Väisänen is a very live example of what is indeed going on in today’s Lutheran church in Finland. Politics have become part of church constitution, and now the government have a big say on what a church should and should not do. WHY?

    *If one cannot stand by the word of GOD, why use the umbrella of GOD to condemn Gods work?

    I thanks God for Luther Foundation and alike organizations, that have seen this wrong diversion and stood up to lead people to the right direction. Even though the fight is tough, but with Gods grace you will succeed.


  2. It is a shame, and an ethical for pastors and bishops of Lutheran church to do such wrong decisions. I pray to God that they see the light and change their ways.

    I was very blessed with the service at st.barnabas and the choir was so wonderful. I will come again when I visit Helsinki.


  3. Ephata Sozigwa says:

    It is very sad. But this is a truly marks of evil!! We need to fight by praying even more, and Gods will will prevail.

  4. Robert Rahn says:

    I appreciate receiving the St. Barnabas church newsletter. It is very well done. I was appreciative of the articles reviewing the historic significance of Advent, Epiphany and Reformation. What is significantly appropriate is that these items appeared just before the announcement of the “firing” of Bishop Vaisanen. I wondered if this was done in the spirit of the Reformation or if it was done because some worldly churchman had some kind of epiphany on some new doctrine that says it is more important to follow worldly standards than Scriptural standards. It is truly a Reformation question. It was so back in the 15th century and it is true even today in the “lutheranism” of Finland. The choice has to be made and the Lutheran Church of St. Barnabas and Luther Foundation have made their choice. Churchmen do not have the final word, that belong to Christ on the Day of Judgment. May the Lord direct us in our faithfulness to His Word ere the judgment. The Word shall yet prevail, the devil has no power over us.
    Forward on all fronts!!

    R. Rahn, Founder
    Lutheran Heritage Foundation

  5. ondicho1 says:

    Thank you Rev.Dr.Rahn for your comment. We indeed appreciate your support. May God keep you and bless you. Richard

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