Sunday school a Spiritual home for our children

“Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God” (Luke 18:16).

Why Sunday School?

As parents, we know that taking children to church can be extremely difficult. We want them to grow up in the faith, and to make God a priority in their lives. When we bring our children to church sometimes the negative consequences outweigh the positive ones.. They don’t seem to understand what is going on and they don’t seem to get much out of it. They become easily distracted and bored. They get loud and we have to take them out. As a result, we, as parents, can’t worship either. After a few bad experiences, we became less apt to want to bring them at all. I humbly asked our Sunday school teachers to use the Missouri Synod teaching materials which are developed and resource that can be used to help our children understand worship. It is my hope that by understanding our Lutheran worship and being able to participate in the service, they will gradually become more comfortable with it.

I strongly want to say that though it might not be easy to control children 100%, we would like that our children to get to know that God wants us to come to church because He wants to give us His gifts. As Lutherans Worship is primarily Divine Service, that is to say, that in worship, our God is “divinely serving” us. Our God is using His Word and His Sacraments to bless, to encourage, to strengthen, to empower, to enlist and to do so much more. He does this regardless of age. As a matter or fact, we come to church because we need what God has to offer us.

Therefore our children should get the answer to the question; why do we go to church? And here the answer is, because God is there and He wants to give us His gifts and since children love to receive a gift therefore in the Church God is giving us gifts. Therefore Children can understand that for sure.

Please bring your children to Church always. Our Sunday school teachers are ready to teach and instruct them.

God bless you.