Reverend Richard Ondicho

Pastor Richard Ondicho was born March 22, 1970 in Gusii (Kisii) Western Kenya. He is the one of the six children in the family, and elder child. In his youth pastor Ondicho

Rev. Richard Ondicho

was a Sunday school teacher over 15 years. He also was the Choirmaster of the youth Choir in Nyankongo Lutheran his home Parish. Pastor moved from Kenya to Finland 2001 after he got married. He completed a Bachelor of theology degree in November 2000 from Mwika Lutheran theological College which is one of the campuses of Makumira Timaini University College Tanzania. He served his vicarage (internship) year at Uhuru Highway Lutheran Church, Kibera Lutheran Church, and Kawangware Lutheran Church in Nairobi Kenya and in Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland in the Diocese of Oulu. He was ordained in 2001.

Before moving to Finland, the Lord, in His wisdom, saw fit to bless Pastor Richard Ondicho with the hand of Kirsi Tiina in marriage. God has blessed them with 9 wonderful years and 3 very angelic boys, Amos Michael – 5, Eliel Osinde– 3 and Sinuhe Mathias 2. The family moved to Joensuu in 2005 where Rev.Richard Ondicho took his Masters degree in the University of Joensuu and now a PhD student in Sociology of Religion. Since 2006, Rev.Richard Ondicho has worked as pastor of Nehemiah Lutheran Congregation in Joensuu and now moving to Helsinki where he has accepted the Lord’s call to serve and work for International Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Pastor’s hobbies include spending time with his family, playing gospel Music, reading theological books, playing football and so on.

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