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Bishop Risto Soramies Consecration Ceremony

Bishop Risto Soramies was consecrated on 4th May 2013 at Pyhän Sydämen kappeli.

Here are some photos from the event


Bishop Soramies receiving blessings


After the consecration, waring the bishop robes


Bishops and all the pastors who attended the ceremony




Bishop Matti Vaisanen congratulating Bishop Risto Soramies


Bishop Risto Soramies

Bishop Väisänen Defrocked

Bishop Matti Väisänen of Luther Foundation Finland (LFF), the Finnish partner to Mission Province in Sweden and Finland, was defrocked on Wednesday 08/11 by the Cathedral Chapter of Tampere Diocese led by Bishop Matti RepoContinue Reading

St.Barnabas Pastor Installation

Bishop Matti Väisänen installed Pastor Richard Ondicho for IELC St.Barnabas congregation on 18th April 2010. The ceremony took place at the beginning of Divine Service. We are privileged provided that this was Bishop Väisänen’s first installation service since his consecration on March 20th 2010.Continue Reading