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Visitors to St.Barnabas from Missouri Synod USA on 15th May 2012

We at St.Barnabas International Evangelical Lutheran Congregation- (Luther Foundation) are pleased to announce that we will have visitors from Southeastern District (Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod) USA. Rev.Steve of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church South Carolina and Rev.Keith of Trinity Lutheran Church Maryland to together with Rev.Steve’s son.

They will stay with us since 15-20/5/2012 when they will visit St.Petersburg for some six days then they return on 27/5/2012 and attend the Divine service then they return back to USA. During this time there will be some meetings here and there. Make sure you don’t miss listening to them or even chatting with them.
Pray that God will protect them from all danger as they fly to Finland.
God’s blessings.

ST.Barnabas Had Visitors From Sudan

By the grace of God we had visitors from Sudan, Rev.Noah Wilson and his wife Lilian. Their visit was not anticipated but the unexpected guests brought us joy and made our divine service colourful.Continue Reading